🗣️Why is Nullity

New Asset Issuance and Liquidity Solutions

The BRC20 standard heralds an unprecedented technological innovation in asset issuance. It enables any participant to forge a cryptographic community around a new asset, echoing the ICO craze of 2017. However, it stands apart in its purity and fairness.

The question arises: Can this be perfectly adapted to ERC20? The likely answer is no. Issues such as Gas wars and bot manipulations are common 'attacks' in ERC20 asset issuance.

Therefore, Nullity addresses two critical issues:

  1. By implementing a fair and transparent random number algorithm, FutureHash Lottery, we create a new equitable launch mechanism.

  2. Providing abundant and perpetual liquidity for new assets.

Introducing Nullity

  1. Nullity is a platform where no individual or institution holds control over the project, ensuring a completely fair issuance. Our mission is to establish such a platform for equitable launches.

  2. Inspired by Analysoor and leveraging our unique FutureHash Lottery algorithm, Nullity redefines fair launches using future block data. This approach enhances fairness, transparency, and scalability.

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